The EO Tax Journal is an electronic publication. Subscribers receive daily email updates Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and have access to our website that contains all email updates from January 1, 2010 for easy access. Subscribers have permission to print out email updates for their own use and to load them on to their own internal library database.

The EO Tax Journal is the creation of Paul Streckfus (pstreckfus@gmail.com) who, in 1996, saw the need for an exempt organization publication devoted to sophisticated EO tax practitioners. The daily tax services provide documents and short summaries of developments, but little analysis. Periodicals provide some analysis, but usually in a historical context. The need for instant analysis, with input from practitioners and retired IRS employees, has been filled by the EO Tax Journal’s daily email updates. In addition, subscribers receive transcripts of speeches of current IRS employees, not the short summaries included in the daily tax services.

What makes the EO Tax Journal so much more sophisticated than other services is its editor and publisher, Paul Streckfus, who brings over 40 years’ experience in the EO area, having begun his career in the EO Division of the IRS. In addition to his own knowledge of the EO area, he relies on many practitioners and current and retired IRS employees to keep him apprised of current developments. The EO Tax Journal also comes with an edge, as the editor freely expresses his opinions. Subscribers are encouraged to add their opinions, and they frequently do.

Because of its low overhead, the EO Tax Journal is very affordable. All practitioners at one location may receive the daily email updates and have access to the website for only $999 a year. Individuals may subscribe for a personal use only subscription for $399 a year.

Unlike tax services that lock you into a year’s contract, the EO Tax Journal comes to you satisfaction guaranteed, and you may cancel at any time with an immediate refund.